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trickle up fashion in the 21st century March 1, 2012

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One trend I’ve seen that was on the trickle up in the 90s and has come back today, is the “grunge” or “street” look. This look consists of holes in jeans, cut off shorts, cropped tops, rips and tears in tank tops, etc. Another part of this trend that has become very popular among young men and women, is the tattoos and piercings. In the last few years, more and more teens are getting tattoos as soon as they turn 18. This first started out as something only bikers or convicts would do, but tattoos are becoming more popular and more widely accepted in society, as are multiple piercings other than the ear lobes. Many people in older generations describe this look as “trashy” or “low rent”. But the younger generations and forecasters see it as fashionable and acceptable.


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