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fashion innovators February 22, 2012

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One of the biggest innovators in the fashion world today is Lady GaGa. Her wild and outrageous outfits have ranged from nothing but caution tape to her infamous “meat dress”. Her hairstyles have also been innovative, as they’ve ranged from a variety of colors, to the infamous platinum “hair” bow.

Many people find Lady GaGa’s style to be shocking and inappropriate. I, however, find it refreshing that she dresses how she wants and doesn’t care what people say or think. I think that she’s made a difference in the way people feel about how they dress and has given people who are self conscious, like me, hope. If she can do the things she does and keep her head held high, then so can everyone else.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of GaGa’s wild outfits in the years to come, maybe even with younger generations.




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  1. I also agree that Lady Gaga is very influential as a fashion innovator. Her status as a pop star and large following of more than 18 million twitter followers has allowed for her spirit and individuality to trickle down into the masses. I do believe that her fashion as well as her music deliver a message of individualism and self-identity. Apart from shocking outfits, she has participated in many projects such as anti-bullying campaigns that educate the mass public on the negative effects of bullying and to take a stand for individualism. Through these campaigns, her extreme fashion is then translated as a sign of protest against conformity and allows consumers better understand the reasoning behind her outlandish outfits. Teens or people who are different see her individuality and relate themselves to her. Below are some videos, where Lady Gaga takes a stand against bullying. Please excuse some of the language.

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